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Four corners, four angels

19 Οκτωβρίου 2009

Four corners, four angels


Four corners of my bed

Four angels over head

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Bless this bed I lay upon

Four corners to my bed,

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Four angels ’round my head,

One to watch, one to pray,

And two to bear my soul away.

I go by sea, I go by land,

The Lord made me with his right hand,

If any danger come to me,

Sweet Jesus Christ, deliver me.

For he’s the branch and I’m the flower,

Pray God send me a happy hour,

And if I die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take.

I lay my head on our Lady’s knee

Jesus come this night to me

Heart of Joseph I adore thee

Heart of Mary I implore thee

Heart of Jesus pure and just

In those three hearts I place my trust.

Teach me to always to say what’s true.

Be willing in each task I do.

Help me to be good each day,

and lead me in thy holy way.

I pray whatever wrongs I’ve done,

You will forgive me every one.

Be near me when I wake again, and

Bless all of those I love. Amen.


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