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Main Swedish Party Recognizes Turkish Genocide of Assyrians

3 Νοεμβρίου 2009

Main Swedish Party Recognizes Turkish Genocide of Assyrians

Sweden’s largest political party took a decision on Thursday during its annual convention to acknowledge the genocide of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians during World War one. The genocide, called Seyfo in Assyrian, occurred between the years 1914-1918.

«I was very moved when the decision was taken,» said Yilmaz Kerimo, who is an Assyrian and a prominent member of the Social democratic party. «It is a positive standpoint and a great step forward. The party will now work for the recognition of the genocide within Sweden, in the European Union and the United Nations.»

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The recognition by the Social Democrats has raised hopes in the Assyrian community in Sweden of recognition in the Swedish parliament as well. The issue will be voted on in the parliament during spring 2010.

Sweden’s left party, Vänsterpartiet, and the green party, Miljöpartiet, both recognized the genocide more than a year ago.

The work to have the genocide recognized has been long for the Assyrians of Sweden. The Assyrian Federation of Sweden welcomed the decision of the Social democrats on Thursday, saying «It’s the result of years of lobbying, both by Assyrians and non-Assyrians,» said Ilan de Basso, chairman of the Federation. «We have learnt to never give up. The ultimate goal is to have recognition from Turkey itself.»