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HLA Update and ALERT: Mission Accomplished in UTAH , Skopjian Conference Exposed; Anti-Hellenic Film Released

15 Νοεμβρίου 2009

HLA Update and ALERT: Mission Accomplished in UTAH , Skopjian Conference Exposed; Anti-Hellenic Film Released

We, at the HLA, are proud to proclaim our recent campaign against the Anti-Hellenic Conference at University of Utah, a victory. A victory in the sense that for the first time, in quite some time, we as a community stood together and proclaimed, OXI! Hate speech and historical revisionism has no place in the halls of academia. Thanks to enthusiastic activists like Aris Deslis of Salt Lake City and such organizations as the American Hellenic Institute, the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, the Pan Macedonian Association USA, HANC-Hellenic American National Council, and the Hellenic-Canadian Federation of Ontario who wrote letters to the President of the University of Utah, Mr. Michael K. Young, awareness of the dangers of revisionism were raised. Greek-American academics also monitored this firsthand, and reports should be forthcoming soon. We, as ethnic Hellenes stood up and fought back against Anti-Hellenism, united.

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Combined sources, from Hellenes and historical revisionists, present at the conference claim the event failed to meet up to organizer’s expectations and attest that it was the pressure from our campaign that caused this outcome. Truth and academic creditability forced the University to push the conference ‘underground’, a fact that historical revisionists proclaim to be the ‘worst effect’ of our campaign, as it prevented the trail of lies presented from leading young Americans astray from historical truth. The University, in an attempt to hide the shame of being used a soapbox for historical revisionism and Anti-Hellenism, hid the presence of the event from the public.

Interestingly several changes also occurred in the Conference’s program days before the event took place. Five presentations were cancelled, one of which was entitled ‘Cleansing the National, Polluting the Natural: The Politics of Development and Cultural Homogenity in the Florina Region’. One presentation’s titled was also ‘changed’ from ‘Macedonian refugee children from the Greek Civil War’ to ‘Refugee Children from the Greek Civil War’. These small victories, were only heighted, when well known Anti-Hellenist and Macedonist advocate, Victor Friedman ‘exploded in rage’, several times, against Hellenes for daring to ask questions, showing the intolerant and unprofessional nature of the conference organizers and the racist atmosphere present at the supposed ‘academic’ conference, where ethnic Hellenes made up half of those in attendance.


Anti-Hellenic movie released “A Name is a Name”, this was the opening movie

At the so-called “Macedonian Film Festival” in Toronto. Made by a small European film company with the heavy support of the Skopje government and its allies and lobbies, and by its political party “Rainbow” (Grk: Ouranio Toxo) in Greece, it will be distributed throughout North America in coming weeks. It attempts to depict Greece as a human-rights-abuser

It projects a fictitious story of a Skopjian-American marine “Nick Stoyan” being tortured by skinhead look-alike Greek officials. In an attempt to dupe American viewers its has images of the American flag interweaved with the Star of Vergina.

One YouTube trailer we located says “Ellada the other Greece”

“A Name is a Name: A film about a Nation held hostage because of its name.”

Here is the offensive Anti-Hellenic You Tube trailer in English:

You Tube: Nick Stoyan, eng