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28 Δεκεμβρίου 2009


And you thought it only happens in fairy tales

I led an orchestra in a past life

I know I am the prettiest of all Ducks
Because I am a Wood Duck!!

I had two legs when I went to sleep, honest!

Me, me. Me, me, Me!!!

Ok, here’s the deal,
I’ll crack open the big nuts for a fair share!!

Help! Meow! Help!

Ok, I saved you but you can’t tell anyone,
I’ll never be able to live it down with
the rest of the dawgs!!

My buddy was saved by a dawg,
so now I have to save you, at least until supper!

I hate camouflage  where did those cubs go?

Did you see that!

All I know, was they said it’s formal
and to bring a friend!!

They said if you kiss a kid, you turn into a prince,
or was that the kid turns into a Beluga Whale?

Blue Butterfly rest stop. Blue Butterflies Only!!

All I know they set this plate out here every
Christmas for a big guy in a red suit and he never
eats the stuff, so I do, and the kids get toys and
they still believe in Christmas!

Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pale of water
Heck, I’ll just drink out of this handy water device

Anyone see my Batman imitation?

So that’s the truth, the big guy in the red suit,
never eats the stuff!

Kibble & Bits, Kibble & Bits, or is that Beggos I smell?

Ok, I’ll ask him if we can take his picture next time!

Mommy tell me the story about Charlotte web,
one more time!

And My Favorite……..
I love Gods’ subtle messages, too

One in a million shot A smile from God! Send God’s smile to someone you want to bless today!