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Turks to blame for theft of Tassos’ corpse

28 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) encourages the distribution of the below links and text in memory of THE GREAT HELLENES and HELLENIC HEROES young Solomos Solomou who was killed by Turks, and Cypriot leader Tassos Papadopoulos whose bodily remains were recently desecrated by Turks. We hope that the coming New Year brings a surge of HELLENIC HEROES to inspire our epic people to rise up and vanquish forever the barbarians who oppress The Great Island of Cyprus.

Turks to blame for theft of Tassos’ corpse written by Hellenic Antidote:

Discussion – in Greek – between Giorgos Karabelias and Dimitris Alevromageiros:

It’s been three weeks now since the theft of the body of former President Tassos Papadopoulos from his grave in a Nicosia cemetery. From the very first minute, I believed that the crime was committed by Turks, by members of the Turkish secret services and deep state, who have a significant presence and safe-haven in occupied Cyprus. My theory was that Turks did it both as an act of revenge against Papadopoulos – who they regard as a Turk-hater and one of the men responsible for putting down the Turkish Cypriot rebellion in 1963, aimed at bringing down the Republic of Cyprus and inducing partition – and as a means to humiliate the Republic of Cyprus and damage the morale of Greek Cypriots generally, by defiling the remains of the man who led them in rejecting the Annan plan and resisting the machinations of nefarious foreign interests.

This is also the view expressed in the discussion above – in Greek – between Giorgos Karabelias and Dimitris Alevromageiros, which also touches on how foreign interests are seeking to exploit Greece’s debt crisis to encroach on Greek national sovereignty and force Greece to fall into line with their plans for the Balkans, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean; the heroism of the Cypriot patriot Solomos Solomou (See URL: )  ; and the continuing attempt by self-loathing Greeks to rewrite modern Greek history and turn Greece from a nation of heroes into one of slaves.

And below is the song Karabelias refers to by Notis Sfakianakis on Solomos Solomou.