In EnglishMiracles by the Holy BeltΘαύματα και θαυμαστά γεγονότα

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 8]

20 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 8]

Contemporary miracles

The miracles referred to in this chapter took place from May 1992 to July 2007 and have been selected from the monastery’s archives.

1. It’s difficult to have kids
Fr Theotimos comes from Congo. He studied theology in Greece. He wished to have kids so much but had a problem. He asked for the ribbon blessed on the Holy Belt. He describes the result.
Methonis 23, Athens
“The name of God-Man Christ must always be glorified and the name of the Most Holy Lady, the Mother of God must be honored. read more…
We received the Holy Belt on March 1992. In May 1992, my wife became pregnant and we had a baby son weighing 2.900gr. He was born with a caesarian section and we baptized him, Marios, to honor the name of the Most Holy Lady. The doctors had previously verified that it would have been difficult for us to have children.
In April 1993, my wife was eight months pregnant and had a problem. She had to have another cesarean before the end of the gestation period. My wife wore the Holy Belt on her for two days before the operation. The baby, a girl, who was weighing only 1400 gr., was born having doubled her weight”.
Fr. Theotimos and Evangelia Tsala.

2.    The time we have longed for, arrived
“I would like to mention a miracle which took place to my wife, when she was wearing the Holy Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God, which a priest from your monastery has given us in August 1992, when I had visited the Holy Mountain.
But before I go into this, I would like to refer to another miracle which happened to both of us and made us completely change the way we live. Our life was definitely secular. We were knee deep into the sludge of lies and sin which our society provides in abundance. We had been walking a path which was supposedly leading us to happiness and joy but basically it was causing tabefaction and finally eternal spiritual death.
The All Merciful God showed mercy on us. He gave us a present which we thought at first that it was unbearable. My wife had been diagnosed with compulsive neurosis. She was prescribed twelve pills a day to deal with depression, sadness and suicidal tendencies. She was having attacks and was crying all day. We visited many doctors, until we have found our spiritual father; Fr E. Everything has changed since then. We turned towards the right path.
Even though my wife’s problem did not completely disappear, the psychiatrist, Fr S, in cooperation with our spiritual father, advised us to have a child. However, because of my wife’s problem, it was difficult for her to become pregnant. We had been expecting help from above.
And now I am going to refer to the second miracle.
During our worship of holy relics, the priest talked about the miracles that our Most Holy Lady performs on childless women with the blessed ribbons. All those who wore them and lived with repentance, become pregnant. Then I was fighting the thought to get one for us, but I was embarrassed. I was ready to leave, but something pushed me and I got one.
My wife had been wearing it all the time. We were praying and waiting. In November the same year, the time which we have yearned for has arrived. Now that I am writing this, we have a daughter who is 9.5 months old and is called Erini.
With respect,
Vasilis and Panayiota Aslanides.

3.    The doctors had disappointed both of them
Livadia Larnaca, Cyprus
In 1993, I celebrated the Annunciation of the Mother of God at the Holy Mountain. Besides my personal need for prayer, I asked the fathers to pray for two spiritual sisters who had not had the joy of becoming mothers. The doctors had disappointed both of them.
At the end of the Paraklisis made for B. and G, I took the ribbons, after they were being blessed by the Holy Belt. When I returned to Cyprus, I had invited both of them to receive the blessings, which I had brought for them. B, came, kissed the icons at the iconostasi, but did not take the ribbon that day, she took it later on. In the meantime, she became pregnant.
It took G more time to receive the blessing because she was staying far away. She had adopted a child. When we met, she took the ribbon and a few days later the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant.
Both of them visited me to announce their good news. All together we gave glory to the Most Holy Lady, Mother of God.
Lenos Skitinis