In EnglishMiracles by the Holy BeltΘαύματα και θαυμαστά γεγονόταΞένες γλώσσες

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 9]

21 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 9]

4. I was married for seven years and didn’t have a child


M.Bogdou 18, Xanthi

“I had been married for seven years and didn’t have a child. My husband and I had tried many times to have a child and had visited various doctors in Athens and Thessaloniki. Finally at the end of our tether, you sent me a ribbon blessed by the Holy Belt of the Mother of God. I got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the 31st August 1993, on the feast-day of the Holy Belt.

I certainly cannot express my gratitude enough and my adoration and awe for our Creator, who does great and wonderful things and continues to bless his worthless servant. I am pregnant again and the doctor told me that they are twins. Please write my son’s name, among the list of the miracles of our Most Holy Lady…”

With a lot of respect and affection,

God’s servants,

Demitrios and Maria

5. Three healings



We feel the need to express our gratitude for the great honor you have shown in bringing the Holy Belt to our home. It would be a great omission not to refer to the miracles we have seen being performed. We refer to some of them, fully realizing the magnitude of what we are about to write.

A military judge, who had a serious back problem and was walking bend, became well as soon as he left our home.

A fifteen year old child, who could never stand on his feet because of a congenital problem, began to walk as soon as he entered the house. It is important to say that his parents kissed the Holy Belt when you had already entered the car and were getting ready to leave. They told us about the miracle a few days later, because they had been afraid!

My husband’s colleague as soon as he put on some Holy Water on a funny spot which was suddenly growing and making him anxious, it disappeared immediately! This person did not come to our home to worship the Holy Belt and the miracle had been performed just by the Holy Water”.

May we have your blessing!

Paul and Fotini Papoulidou

6. We have been given two healthy boys


Arch. Chrysostomos 1, Pafos, Cyprus

“I am writing this letter as an indication of our gratitude to our Most Holy Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Maria, who has shown her magnanimity towards the sinful and humble servants of our Lord, once more.

She has performed a miracle on us, by giving us two healthy boys, after seven years of marriage. When I have visited your monastery in 1993, I prayed in front of her miracle- performing icon and took the ribbon from her blessed Holy Belt.  A year later the miracle happened. My wife became pregnant with twins.

I also extend my thanks to you because you have helped me find the true path of God which leads to eternal life. Please pray to our Lady that she grants health to the children, which she has given us so miraculously”.

With the love of Christ,

Stelios and Eleni Kalli

7. Back pain stopped


Themistokleous 31, Athens

“During my visit to the Great and Holy Monastery of Vatopedi on the 25.8.95, after the Vespers the priest brought out the body remains of saints and the Holy Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God for the visitors to worship. When this has finished, I asked the priest to read some prayers for me at the presence of the Holy Belt. He placed his petrachili and the Belt of the Most Holy Lady and started saying a prayer. While he was reading, I started feeling that I had been holding a great and very heavy load on my back, which was receding as the reading was progressing. When the prayer ended, I felt that the weight had disappeared. From that moment my back pain, which has given me so much trouble for so long, had disappeared.

I would like to express my infinite gratitude to our Most Holy Lady for the miracle she performed on me, by completely curing my back pain.

With infinite thanks,

V. Papachristopoulos

8. The Holy Belt has miraculously given me 12 children



“I have a 14-member family: myself, Fr Nicholaos, my wife Anthi and twelve children. A crucial and great miracle of the Holy Belt is our having twelve kids.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child she had serious health problems. She was nearing her term but had no labor pains. The doctors had said that the baby was dead and that she had to abort it otherwise her life was in danger. However, she had placed her faith in God, was reciting parakliseis and praying with the prayer rope. Our child in the end was born alive and healthy under the following miraculous circumstances.

A devout woman, when she heard about our problem, gave me a ribbon of the Holy Belt. She told me to tell my wife to wear it and everything would be all right. My wife did as she was told and after a while she gave birth to a graceful and blessed little girl.

My wife’s other pregnancies were also problematic, but with the grace of the Holy Belt, we have managed to have twelve kids, six boys and six girls.

And here is something else, which is also important. My wife had varicose veins on her legs and the doctors had advised her not to have another child since she was going to endanger her child’s life as well as her own during birth. Because she had placed her trust in the Mother of all people, was never put in any danger”.

With respect and love in Christ

Father Nicholaos, Theologian and Teacher