In EnglishMiracles by the Holy BeltΘαύματα και θαυμαστά γεγονόταΞένες γλώσσες

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 10]

22 Οκτωβρίου 2010

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 10]

9. She had a natural birth


Demitri Tirimou 3, Larnaca.


“My wife’s sister had some problems with her pregnancy and the doctor had advised her to stay at the clinic and give birth by a cesarean. She was 8,5 months pregnant. After some tests, the doctor diagnosed that the baby would have some problems with its heart and she had to be induced. As soon as they told me, without a second thought I gave her the ribbon of the Holy Belt. She had already fasted in order to take the Holy Communion and she went to the clinic in this spiritual state of mind. They put her on the drip to start labor and after one to two and a half hours she gave birth naturally to a healthy baby boy.

With infinite thanks,

Andreas Ioannou

10. I have the Holy Belt in my hands for the last 42 years


In the province.

“I am paralyzed since 1926.The Holy Belt is in my hands for the last 42 years. The miracles that have been performed are numerous. I have not kept, however, the names of those healed, and because I am now old I cannot remember them all. The miracles were performed to women who could not give birth easily and were risking death. They would place the Holy Belt on their chests. The Grace of the Lady, Mother of God, would change the difficult labor into an easy one and thus, both mother and child would be saved! I am writing down the names of the persons whom I still remember”. ( A list of 12 names is given)

I kiss your right hand,

Georgia Karamouzi

11. For the entire night I would find no rest.


Laskou 26,

Paleo Psychiko, Athens

The Grace which springs from the miraculous Belt of the Mother of God has freed me from a great turmoil.

After an operation in the intestines which I had done years ago, I was left with an occasional pain in the abdomen which was giving me a lot of trouble. After some medical attention the pain was a little alleviated.

During this summer, for three consecutive months, the pains were a daily occurance. No medicine could help me. For night after night I would find no rest. Even the days were full of pain and torment.

By God’s providence I was in Thessaloniki when the full of graces Belt of our Most Holy Lady was taken out of the Holy Mountain. Full of hope I ran to worship it. I took the blessed ribbon and put it on me. I fervently prayed to our Most Holy Lady to help me. I was certain  absolutely sure, that I would be cured.

Oh the miraculous wonders of the Great Lady! Great is her Grace for her troubled children. The pains immediately stopped. I was completely cured. I do not feel even the slightest pain.

I had no way to thank her. I could only cry and whisper: “My Lady, I thank you…”. Naturally I am not willing to take the ribbon off me, not even for a minute. I feel such trust, which is not compared to even the best etnerologist sitting next to me.  How can I not feel this, since they pains never appeared again?

With great respect..

Beatrice Kalaitzi

12. Completely impossible, since it was a congenital defect.


I was married in 1981 and four years later I realized that it was difficult for my wife to conceive. After the relevant tests, I was told that it was completely impossible to get my wife pregnant since my problem was a congenital one. Everything happened in 1985.

In 1995, I visited the Vatopedi monastery to celebrate the Holy Week. There, I heard about the Holy Belt of the Mother of God. After I kissed it, the priest placed it on me and read a prayer. Then, he gave me a ribbon blessed by the Holy Belt to tie it around my waist, since it was me who had the problem.

In March 1996, ten months later, my wife visited the doctor for something else and he told her that she was two months pregnant. We showed him all the tests which were saying that it was medically impossible for this to happen. After seeing them, the doctor only said: “I cannot say anything. This is a miracle”.

I give glory to the Most Holy Lady and her Holy Belt for the divine gift she has given me.

Konstatinos and Eleni Faratzi

13. Take the Holy Belt with you to protect you

30. 7. 1996

Halkokondyli 32, Peristeri,


Last year, I visited your monastery and took two ribbons of the Holy Belt. I gave the one to my best man who could not have children and tied the other around my waist for protection. When I visited A, my spiritual sister, I felt that I had to give my ribbon to her husband, K. He was giving her trouble daily with his drinking problem, his unwillingness to work and for her life in Christ. They were two people following completely different paths.

-K, I told him, take the Holy Belt of the Most Holy Lady to protect you and everything will sort itself out slowly.

A month later, K stopped drinking, found a job and with the help of our Lady he began praying and going to confession.

May you all be blessed

Christos Apostolakis