In EnglishMiracles by the Holy Belt

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 19]

2 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 19]

28. I feel strengthened and reassured

“I am writing this letter to thank you for sending us the ribbon which has benefited me and my whole family.
I have been married for six years. During the first five we didn’t have a child. The Lord helped me get pregnant soon after our marriage, but we were not successful. A friend, who is visiting the Holy Mountain often, told us about the Holy Belt and said she could bring a ribbon to us. I replied that I very much wanted this ribbon, but was embarrassed to ask him again. In the meantime, we went on with our efforts to get pregnant. In January 1998, I started taking hormones.
Then my mother’s spiritual father, having heard about our wish to have a baby and having ensured that we are devout people, sent us the ribbon without knowing us personally. You can imagine how moved I was and how pleased when the ribbon came to me by other means!!!
During that time, I became pregnant and the Lord helped us after innumerable perils to have a baby boy. Fr. P became my spiritual father too.
After all this trouble and after our first baby, I am now in the position to announce that I am expecting a second baby. This time I got pregnant without any medical intervention, or medicines, just by the grace of God. I keep the ribbon fastened on me all the time and I feel certain and strengthened in my belief that everything will be all right.
My husband and I wish to thank you,
With a lot of respect and love,
Kyriaki Skafida

29. When I got married I knew that I could not get pregnant

Sydney, Australia
“I am writing this brief letter to thank you for your help and for the blessing of our Lord and His Mother- I mean the ribbon of the Holy Belt which you have sent us.
When I was a child I had an operation on the brain. Since then I was visiting the doctors and was taking medicines regularly. I was nine and now I am 33.
When I got married I knew that I could not get pregnant. My husband and I, then asked the doctors for help. They told us that if I undergo a set of injections and certain medication I could get pregnant. I didn’t get pregnant the first time and we stopped the therapy for some time. After a year we tried twice more but without any luck.
Some uncles brought me the ribbon blessed by the Holy Belt. They told me it is blessed by the Most Holy Lady. I was wearing it day and night. Then we started going to the doctors again. This time I got pregnant immediately. It was 7th May 1999. Our baby will be born on the 27th of January 2000.
I thank you for your help,
With love,
Anne and George Hatzipavlis
Ps. In a letter afterwards, Anne sent us a photo of her baby.