In EnglishMiracles by the Holy Belt

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 23]

24 Νοεμβρίου 2010

Miracles by the Holy Belt of Most Holy Theotokos (Virgin Mary) [Volume 23]

42. I will describe the miracles performed by the Holy Belt


Grammou 19, Pefki, Athens

“I have told those who have been blessed by our Lady to write about it but they thought it was difficult. They asked me to write to you, if I wished. These are the miracles which our Lady performed with her Holy Belt:

1.         When I had visited my spiritual father for confession, he told me that his daughter had been married for a long time, had no children and she was very upset. “I will give you a ribbon for Nektaria to wear”, I told him. I also gave him the booklet of Paraklisi to Panayia Pantanassa. They fasted for forty days, read the Paraklisi every morning and the Salutations every evening, went to confession and took the Holy Communion. The miracle was performed. In two months, she got pregnant and they now have a beautiful baby boy.

2.         My friend Demitris, captain in the navy, was married for four years and they did not have a child. I gave him a ribbon. They went to confession, fasted and prayed to our Lady. Today they have two children.

3.         The wife of the cardiologist, KS, has had three miscarriages. My sister in law gave her the ribbon and she wore it. In two months she became pregnant and had a baby girl.

4.         George and Panayiota, both teachers in Halkida, had been married for seven years and did not have a child. I gave her a ribbon and with the grace of our Lady, Panayiota became pregnant with triplets. Their doctor was astonished. He told them to remove one embryo so that the other two would be better off, but they refused. “We have been waiting so many years for a child and now that God has given us three, we should kill them? No way.” In the end, one embryo died naturally and now they have two healthy children.

5.         A spiritual brother was in the hospital in a bad state. A continuous hiccup would not let him eat nor talk. They were preparing him for an operation. I put some blessed oil from our Lady’s candle holder in his mouth and tied the ribbon around his neck. Fifteen minutes later the hiccup had lessened and the patient felt much better. The next day he went home.

6.         A friend of mine, Euphrosini Tsimpi, who is helping in the church, had a heart operation many years ago. When I met her, she told me that she was getting ready to have another one. I gave her a ribbon to wear. On the 16th of January, she was admitted to Onasio hospital. The doctors performed all the tests and they all came out negative. They were all astonished and had been asking what had happened! Euprosini returned home two days later and she is still all right today.

7.         Konstantina Katsouli, 82 years old, is suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. For six months she had been moving around the kitchen and the toilet in an invalid’s chair. I gave her a ribbon and the Paraklisis’ booklet. She has been reading it and today she is walking only with the help of a metal four legged balancer.

8.         My niece, Ekaterini Lontou, is now healthy and fast approaching her sixth month of pregnancy. There was an infection in the amniotic fluid and the baby was in danger. I told her to wear the ribbon and asked her to start praying. In a few days the infection receded. The doctor told her that the baby was going to be fine.

With the love of Christ,

Yiannis Hatzopoulos


43. I thank the Lady Mother of God



“I am sending you this letter, wishing to thank first of all the Mother of God, who has given us a healthy baby girl after 26 months. I also would like to thank you for sending me the blessed ribbon three and a half years ago”.

With respect,

Argyroulla Charisoulli