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A hymn to St Genevieve

4 Ιανουαρίου 2011

A hymn to St Genevieve

Blessed was the birth of this young maid,

To which the hierarch Germanus bare witness,

And that which he foresaw in spirit

The outcome of her life hath proven.

He suspended a coin of bronze

Upon her virginal bosom,

To be a seal of her virginity,

As it bare the insignia of the Cross.

Divinely he endoweth Genevieve

By the offering up of the Gifts,

Making her a temple of the Holy Spirit,

Under a covenant made with Christ.

Raising her hand against the innocent one,

Her mother is deprived of sight,

The virgin, mindful of her mother’s grief,

Giveth her the sight of pristine vision.

Genevieve the generous-handed

Brake her body with fastings

And, watering the land with her tears,

She rejoiced in a continuous martyrdom.

By the guiding of her heavenly Master,

She illumined both the skies and the abyss,

And by the struggle of her prayers

She kept her people from a barbarous nation.

Furthermore, by God’s giving,

She alleviated the workmen’s thirst,

And restored unto his grief-struck mother

Her only son, crippled by a mishap.

At the first prayer of this virgin

The demons all tremble in terror;

Peace is granted to the demoniacs,

Hope to the sick, forgiveness to the guilty.

Candles are rekindled in her hand

By the grace of heaven,

By her the coursing of the river

Returneth to the bounds of its river-bed.

Alive after death, by her righteous prayers,

She maketh the holy fire a cooling breeze,

She who first had conquered in herself

The burning of the inner kindling-wood.

She commandeth death, and demons,

Diseases and the elements,

Thus Genevieve, by her prayers,

Surpasseth the laws of nature.

She worketh upon little children

The mighty works of Christ’s power.

For miracles so great, let there be unto Christ

Continual praising and unceasing glory.