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The Liturgy of the Holy Belt – The Humanity Within (lots of photos)

23 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

The Liturgy of the Holy Belt – The Humanity Within (lots of photos)

Archbishop Elpidoforos of Prusia giving his blessing. One of the three ierarchs from Ecumenical Patriarchate present at the feast

In the cycle of Spiritual Picture of the Day we present our first photoreport.

The Divine Liturgy of the Feast of the Holy Belt – in a way in which you did not seen it before. I think that finally we should leave the characters shine. But if you aren’t interested, no problem. You can safely close the browser….Read more


Blessing the Holy Water. At each Main Feast there is such a blessing and a procession thereafter

Archbishop Kyrillos of Avvidon carrying the Holy Belt

The crowd. The most important 'person' of the Feast

The cooks. The unseen pillars. Usually there are monks from different places of Mount Athos

More cooks. The traditional fish is done in a traditional way.

One of the cooks venerates the Holy Belt carried by the Abbot Filotheos of Karakalou

Elpidoforos of Prusia blessing the monks who will venerate the Holy Belt under the sight of Abbot Efraim of Vatopaidi

The Abbot Filotheos of Karakalou venerates the tomb of the holy Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi while the Archibishop is passing by

Giving perfume - an old byzantine hospitality custom

Giving perfume - an old byzantine hospitality custom

A deacon praying

The Abbot Filotheos of Karakalou giving the staff to the Michael of Austria - the sign of the first among the equals

A Byzantine Snapshot

A trinity


The Gospel at the Small Entrance

Unity in diversity

Incensing the Holy Belt during the Liturgy

"Lord, Lord, look from heaven and see..."

Elpidoforos of Prusia, like any other archbishop, should give light and equilibrium

Holy gifts

Father Spyridon (center) from the brotherhood of Elder Gerasim sings together with Evstratios (right), a congolese boy, helped by vatopaidine fathers.

Monks from the entire Holy Mountain sing at the Feast

The Abbot Nicodemus of Philoteou carring the omophorion

The holly chalices in the Great Entrance

Priests praying in the Great Entrance

Praying for others. Many many names are written and given for praying

Singing in front of the Holy Belt

Avvidon Kyrillos: Peace be unto all

Kollyva with the icon in front of the Holy Belt

At the end, all we are one

"God, who are you?"