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Correction Not Condemnation of a bad Person

23 Ιουλίου 2009

athosThe Elder Porfyrios proved himself an anatomist and healer of both the human soul and human spiritual relations.He said to me in relation to this «Our aim is not to condemn evil, but to correct it.With condemnation, a man can be lost, with understanding and help he will be saved.We must treat the sinner with love and we must respect his freedom.When a member of the family knocks a vase off the table and breaks it we usually get angry. If that crucial moment, in a movement of spiritual upliftment, we show understanding and we excuse the damage, we win both our soul and that of our brother’s.That is all our spiritual life: an uplifting movement, from the annoyance that comes from egotism to the understanding that comes from love.»

Constantine Yiannitsiotis-«With Elder Porfyrios»