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An incredible miracle in Serbia (part 3)

14 Ιουλίου 2010

An incredible miracle in Serbia (part 3)

Continued from (2)

They give testimony to my previous sinful and reckless life

I had still not understood the meaning of those words but I was trembling in fear.  At that moment, a driver motioned me to move in front of him in the row of cars, something which I immediately did without hesitation.

Soon we had reached the accident site and I decided to increase my speed in order to reach the monastery of  Zitsa as soon as possible. And then suddenly a lorry, loaded with building materials, appeared from a side road and slowed us down because he was going on the same direction as us. Therefore, I forced to drive carefully and slowly, because I could not overtake him. This way I was able to view the cars at the back and check if anyone was going to overtake me. When I looked at the back through my side mirror, I witnessed the following incredible vision!

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Both the monk and the nun sitting at the back seat had very brightly lit faces and had blinding halo around their heads! I began trembling and thought that these are not usual people.  Since I met with a lot of surprises from these two people, my attention to the road was diminished. I was only just able to drive the car and I was going even slower than the traffic situation would permit.

During this slow motion, the monk and the nun started to describe my former live, from the moment that I could remember myslef till the very last day. They cited all my good and bad deeds and even those plans which no one knew and which I had never carried out for various reasons.

To my amazement, their description was so accurate that it felt like they had been reading it from a book. They were praising me for the good deeds, but they were disapproving softly. I was so embarrassed and scared that I didn’t know what to do. I wished the earth opened to devour me and rescue me from this torture, but there was no other way but to sit and listen and go through everything.

I cannot describe all the disapproval and blame they had directed against me because these have to do with my personal life. Later on, I had confessed about everything and repented. However, I will account for a very important fault which the nun pointed out, so that other people may be taught!

“ Dousan, why didn’t you speak to your father, during your niece’s birthday party ?”

I answered,  describing how things were. “My father did not take care of me, like his other children. He did not have the proper stance against me. I wanted to show him that it is difficult and inappropriate when in the middle of a gathering, a son does not speak with his father”.

The nun replied to my explanation: “Who are you and who are we to judge? It is only God who judges and apportions justice! The Lord has commanded us to respect our father and mother and promised a reward to those who keep it (to live a long and happy life). On this earth, the parents are sacred for their children! You are lucky because you have a soft heart and you felt sorrow and the next day you went to kiss, embrace him and ask for forgiveness. Your father cried in happiness and said: “I forgive you, my child”.

The nun spoke very specifically about these things. I remained speechless during the whole lecture.

To be continued….