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An incredible miracle in Serbia (Part 8)

1 Αυγούστου 2010

An incredible miracle in Serbia (Part 8)

Continued from (7)

The three large groups of people

All these people who had risen and whom I had seen earlier were now grouped together into three large categories. In the first group to the right, there were all those people with bright and smiling faces. To their left, there stood the people with the sad and darkened faces. These were more numerous than the first group. To the far left in the third group, stood this huge and endless mass of people with very dark and evil faces. When I had seen all those faces, the angel started explaining to me:

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“These to the right with the bright and happy faces are the righteous people. These are expected to receive the heavenly prize they deserve because of their honest life on earth. These in the middle group with the dark faces are the naïve sinners. They are the people with a few small sins. We must pray for them to the Lord and do good deeds in their name so that their sins are forgiven. The Lord likes prayer and good deeds the most. These whom you see to the far left are the big sinners. Because of their evil life on earth, their faces are now deformed according to their sins. They will be thrown into the eternal fire.”

It was horrifying to keep your eyes at those big sinners. Their bodies were bloated and had awful lesions. Dirty mucous was gashing out of the open wounds, while snakes and snails were swarming out of their wounds and biting them. Swollen tongues, impossible to pull in their months, were hanging out of their lips. All these people were holding something, depending on their station in life. The bakers were holding bread; the butchers were holding big knives, the burglars were holding knives and guns dripping blood. The millers and the shop keepers were holding scales and other measuring tools and it was obvious they had been messing with the measurements. It looked as though they had not been using the scales honestly and had been making money deceitfully.

One could even see doctors who had been asking for money in order to cure their patients and were letting them die when they could not get paid. Punishment was given also to those who had been asking for money in order to find someone a job and women and girls who had been committing adultery willingly in order to get a job or a promotion. I also saw the magicians and the sorcerers how they had been carrying out their tricks, how they had been putting out fires, reading palms or the cards in order to dissolve marriages and separate those in loving relationships or bring together people who had not been in love. They had been doing these for money and next to them one could see heaps of money together with their magic tools.

In this group, I could see adulterers and whores who had killed their children in various ways, usually by poisoning them in order to continue their evil ways.  These women like all the adulterers had been tormented with huge swellings and other gashing sores. Their genitals were so large that they were reaching the floor, while snakes and other slimy creatures had been swarming on them. Their tongues had been hanging outside their mouths horribly swollen. One could also see cases of incest, father with daughter, mother with son, sister with brother. This was terrible and their sight was ghastly!

People of the church were also in hell

I was especially amazed to see those who had spend their entire lives inside churches and monasteries: Bishops, priests, deacons, monks and nuns. Their dreadful sight was no different from those of the criminals, the stingy, the adulterers, the thieves, the false witnesses and other sinners. Reading my thought, my angel- guide told me:

“Do not be shocked, Dousan, that these people are grouped together with the biggest sinners. They have willingly taken on an oath in front of the Cross and the Gospel that they will faithfully serve God and will follow in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ, that their example and their teachings, like the Apostles will guide people towards the Lord’s path, so that the churches will be filled and that people will be saved. But they have done the opposite.  Even though their behavior and their life should have served as an example for people, they had been acting differently from their preaching. They had been shortening the liturgies, the sacraments of baptism, the funerals, the memorial services, the sanctification of the waters, the consecration of bread and other rituals. They had become money chasers and were charging the faithful and the deprived more than the rich and dignitaries.  They loved to commit adultery, they have been blasphemous. They loved drinking, eating, playing dice, living in big houses and big cars. They had been two faced and wicked. They have been degrading each other in order to be likable to others.

With their actions as holy servants of God they kept many good willed people away from churches, who had wanted to pray, preserve their faith, celebrate the feast of their patron saint and keep the traditions of their religion. Instead, they stayed away when they had been witnessing this atrocious behavior from priests. Remember, Dousan, that to keep people away from their faith equals murder!

Had these clergymen had a personality worth imitating, people would have been able to approach God and would have certainly been saved. For this reason, these priests have taken upon their shoulders on top of their own sins, the numerous sins of those who have abandoned their faith. And now apart from their sins they also pay for the sins of others. Anyone who shows the true path of faith to a sinner and he repents and becomes a true Christian, will have a lot of his old sins forgiven and covered. These sinful priests have destroyed many souls and therefore, the Lord puts them in the same place with the worst of the robbers, the thugs, the adulterers, the money lovers and other blood drinkers.

Did you notice, Dousan, what do the righteous and the wicked look like? This is how they will be presented in front of our Lord Jesus Christ during his Second Coming and will be judged through their deeds!”

The righteous had also been sporting their professions: The bakers, the butchers and the traders had all been holding their tools, weighing in favor of their customers because they had been giving them more. They had been offering almsgiving and mercy to the unlucky.  They had been feeding the hungry and giving water to the paupers. They had been taking in the travelers; they were God- fearing and had been keeping the holy commandments. All of their sins had been absolved through repentance, fasting, prayer, almsgiving, taking the Holy Communion and doing other good deeds.  They had been forgiving everybody and the Lord has been forgiving them.

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