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An incredible miracle in Serbia (part 9)

5 Αυγούστου 2010

An incredible miracle in Serbia (part 9)

Continued from (8)

The angel counsels and exhorts me

When among the righteous and the sinners I recognized my relatives and friends the angel- guide warned me: “Dousan, you must not give an account on how each one of your friends and relatives looks like. You must only say what the sinners and the righteous look like”.

After these words, the angels sounded their trumpets again and the entire vision disappeared. Soon afterwards my angel –guide explained that on the day of the Judgment, all the people who will be living during that time will be reckoned among the risen, will be transformed as quickly as the shut of an eye and will have their deeds written on their foreheads.

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Afterwards, the archangels with their trumpets disappeared as well and I was left alone on the cloud with my angel, who continued counseling me:

“Dousan, you are an honest man, you have concern for other people and a gentle heart, which has protected you from harming anyone. You hate the liars, the robbers and the two faced men. You are not sarcastic and no money can buy you. You believe in God only superficially and in the way you remembered from your childhood. You do not know anything about God.  You have a lot of bad habits and you have committed many sins. You swear at God when you get angry. You are good at singing and you like looking inside the cup- remains in order to foretell the future. You are an adulterer. You like to win over any woman who is not related to you. You were only telling lies when you were cheating on women. You were especially lying to your own wife and you were swearing in order to convince her that you were ok against her. Did you notice how the fornicators are faring, how they are melting alive and how they will be tormented?

Therefore, you must stop telling the future from the remains of a cup and must respect every young woman, every young person like a brother and every elderly like your parent. Never use blasphemous words ever again. Pray to the Lord and repent for all the vices you have committed. Love the other people and hate only their evil deeds. Forgive everyone, so that your own sins are forgiven. Your justice and your gentleness weighed well over you sins. You must confess and take the Holy Communion in one of the Orthodox Churches. As soon as you confess and accept inside you the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord will forgive your sins. As from today, do not sin again and be reborn in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”.

Then the angel made the sign of the Cross, showing me how to do it properly and said: “You must ask for the help of all the Saints, your patron Saint, the Apostles’, the Prophets’, the Angels’, the Archangels’, the Cherubim and the Seraphim’. But foremost you must ask the Most Holy, Most Blessed Mother of God, Maria, the mother of Jesus Christ, for help because her glory, her honor and her stature is greater than that of all the angels in heaven.  She is the quickest aide to all those who devoutly call upon her.

Dousan, you must also remember this: Every sinner who honestly repents and prays to the Lord to forgive his sins and asks for the help of all of us who are in heaven, we simultaneously accompany him and plead to the Lord Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to have his sins forgiven. Then there is a lot of rejoicing in the heavens.

As from today you must honor and commemorate your patron saint, Saint Paraskevi, as your father did. She is praying on behalf of all those who glorify and honor her. I will repeat what Saint Peter said to you: Use whatever time you have left to live towards your salvation. Because you can be saved; fast, take Holy Communion and do good deeds. Observe the Lord’s commandments as a law by which you must live until the end of your life. Do not speak to anyone about this experience until three months have passed. Afterwards you must tell everything to your relatives and to some of your friends.

Also remember this: When you pray to the Lord, you must concentrate and direct your prayer to Him with humility. When you are fasting, you must not be sad, but happy and smiling. No one needs to know about this obligation of yours. You must be sociable among people in the future as well. With those who are happy, you must be happy too; you must have self control and self discipline. Cry and console those who are crying. You must respect the law and the authorities and must discharge all your duties to the state. You must pray to the Lord and hold Him above everything. If you need spiritual counsel or spiritual help appeal to the Church of Christ.

As soon as we part, go to Zitsa monastery and when you enter the church you will find the place where they are selling candles, icons, books and other things. At this place near the door, there is a shelf with books. You must buy the first, the second, the third and the fourth consecutive books in the row. When you return home from the baths, also pick up the one you have with the collection ‘ Apanta of Stephanovic Karadjic’. This book is the Holy Scriptures, the New Testament. Once you tried to read it, but you dropped it since you didn’t understand why in the beginning it was saying: “He gave birth to so and so, he to such and such” etc and you denounced it as insignificant. From now on you must read this book frequently”.

After saying these words, Saint Archangel Gabriel made the sign of the Cross on me and disappeared.

To be continued….